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QXDisplays.com was looking for a site that would display their catalog in an easy to edit format.  I used Wordpress, with the Woocommerce plugin to provide a clean, secure site. … More

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Telegraphic Labs

Telegraphic Labs is a parent company that innovates new products.  They wanted a simple way to showcase their current projects.  This simple, yet stylish landing page is based on … More

Rock Paper Theater – - 2013-12-13_14.10.22


Mike Mathieu is an actor, writer and musician.  His site is a collection of essays, self-hosted songs and upcoming events. … More

Allergy1988 - 2013-12-16_14.37.06


I was hired to revamp the Bellingham Asthma, Allergy & Immunology Clinic website with a fresher design and an easy to edit slideshow and an easy to update Pollen Chart. … More



Kent Chasson builds amazing custom guitars.  He already had this web site, but wanted a page where customers could submit an order.  Because guitars use such rare parts and custom … More

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Dk Reinemer is a talented performer who was moving to LA and wanted a sharp looking site for to post portfolio content and to aggregate his Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook posts. … More



I designed this website as a donation to Little Bird Theater's very successful Kickstarter campaign. … More


A web site for the Community Food Co-op, including Content Management Style features within the easy-to-use framework of Wordpress. … More


Revolution Slider Woes

I’ve been working with the Revolution Slider quite a bit lately, as part of a project for Handcrank Flims.  The slider is great at displaying animations and images, but the support for video is a […]