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Pixel perfect Wordpress themes.

Exactly what you're looking for.

My Work

I build themes exactly to your design. I can work from a Photoshop document, PDF, Fireworks file, to create a fast, interactive and responsive site. Not a designer? I design simple and clean sites with amazing functionality.
  • Responsive from the start
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Secure and Robust
  • Precisely Executed to Your Design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Supported in Every Way
If you want a Wordpress site that makes it easy for you to enter content, that gives you the peace of mind of robust security, and that works the way you and your users expect, then you want Ciderpress Design. Send a message to learn more.
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Experience Premium Wordpress Design

No More Struggle

My number one priority is creating a site that is easy for you, the client, to edit and maintain. I build custom back end tools for each site. No more wrestling with Wordpress.

Go Live

My sites are designed atop the robust and secure Genesis framework, ensuring your site goes live quickly and stays that way.

Built From Scratch

No generic themes from theme mills. No bloated plugins. My sites are built from a blank theme, implementing only the most robust plugins and features you need.